Founded in 1985, Monahan Pacific is a leading Value Added Real Estate Investment and Development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company has more than 28 years of successful experience in Senior Housing, Multi-Family Residential, Medical Office, Commercial Office, Master Plan Communities, Historical Renovation, and Retail Properties. Our real estate experience and teamwork have earned us a well-deserved reputation as both a savvy Real Estate Investor and an excellent Partner. As a privately held company our dedicated team of professionals seeks win-win solutions for the community, investors, and the company. Over the last 28 years, Monahan Pacific has successfully overseen real estate projects with a total market value in excess of $1 Billion.

Monahan Pacific has achieved excellent value added results through its established expertise in Acquisition, Entitlements, Finance, Project Design, Construction Management, Marketing, Operating Management, Leasing, and Property Management. We combine local market knowledge with meticulous planning and wide-ranging experience. The Monahan Pacific team is able to achieve complex problem solving solutions by working well with all stakeholder groups, including city, county, and federal agencies as well as local communities and interest groups.

Our key decision makers take an active, hands-on approach over the investment and development process, responding quickly and decisively to potential opportunities in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace. Our success is based on three key factors:

    1. A mission based on creating value
    2. A commitment to our investors and project partners
    3. In-depth knowledge of the investment